Where does all the water go?

The biggest risk to a property is seeping or standing water. Whether it ruins the a property’s landscaping efforts or a structure’s foundations water damage can lead to massive costs for any type of property residential or commercial.

We can help.

Oconee Mini Excavation can help with water control and removal from your property utilizing one or more methods:

  • Dry Creek bed installation & maintenance
  • Road / Driveway Services: grading, culverts, ditches, road pitching
  • Custom drainage system(s) design
  • Downspout re-direction
  • Roadside cleanup for runoff
  • Retention area maintenance

We can also perform the following:

  • Playground preparation
  • Small-scale Retaining Wall install & replace
  • Tree & Shrub removal
  • Foundation overgrowth removal
Deck Removal & Cleaning
Drainage and Planting Installation

Diagnosing Water Issues.

A good first step in addressing any water issues is to document areas via picture or video of the property during or recently after rainfall. Look for and note any standing water, areas that form large pools, or fast moving water that erodes the property. This can help Oconee Mini Excavation determine exactly where and what is causing the issue to provide the best solution possible. You can email these directly to Oconee Mini Excavation or fill out our contact form for a free analysis.

Why choose Oconee Mini Excavation?

With over twenty years of experience handling all aspects of property management from site preparation to high-end residential landscaping owner operated Oconee Mini Excavation focuses on complete project management approach to ensure from first call to finished product you receive the greatest results.

While other services are uncomfortable working within limited space or near structures Oconee Mini Excavation is familiar with both of these common situations when dealing with a finished property.

Not only will we deliver a working solution for your water control and removal needs but we will make sure the property is put back to it’s original state or better as part of the project planning.

No job is left half finished.

Don’t let standing water or plant growth ruin your property.

A delay could prove costly with additional and unforeseen damage.

Where does Oconee Mini Excavation work?

We work with residential and commercial properties through the following counties:

  • Athens-Clarke
  • Oconee
  • Greene
  • Barrow
  • Morgan
  • Walton
  • Oglethorpe

We do work within the Greater Atlanta-area as well but require a fee for a site visit in order to provide a quote.